Storie della ferrovia

“Stories of the Railway” by the journalist of ANSA Dino Tonon, is a silloge of stories through which is traced the story of the old Calalzo – Cortina – Dobbiaco railway line, suppressed in 1964.

What for all residents of the area and lovers of the Dolomites all over the world has been the unforgettable Cortina train.

In the narrative fusion, the author draws on the figure of an elder (real or imaginary) traitor of freight trains and for a certain period (almost) commander of the Dolomite Railway, Adelmo Dal Pont, who tells a confident journalist some episodes related to the train and to the entire geographic area that it once traveled.

Ten short stories that, without boring those who have less and less time to read and try to capture the attention of the younger ones, bring to the present a half which has once appeared and is now able to bring the mind to places amongst the most Beautiful in the world, a true business card for Veneto and the Dolomites of Belluno for those who are attracted to mountain tourism and not only.

Dino Tonon, Head of the ANSA of Veneto in June 1999, who had been Deputy Chief of Staff since 1989. For many years he has been the correspondent of the “Rest of the Carlino” and collaborator of the “Giornale Nuovo” of Montanelli. Among his publications, “Carnival Tale”.

His writings also appear in “Venice Gondolas and Gondoliers” and “Towards the East”, both of Alessandro Savella.

Infolibro: Stories of the Railway

Author: Dino Tonon

Preface: Oscar De Bona (President Province of Belluno)

Dimensions: cm 20 x 12 Price: Euro 8,26 Pages: 75

Publisher: Mazzanti Editori Srl – ​​e-mail:

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