Polenta and “schìz”

One of the best Belluno recipes is polenta with the “schìz”, typical cheese of our dolomitic valley.

As described in the Latte Busche site “for its sweetness and consistency, Schìz can also be used in the preparation of cakes such as the donut with Schìz and pears.”

Polenta and “Schiz”


  • milk
  • polenta
  • rennet


Bring the milk to a temperature of 36 °; Mix the rennet, let the curd so rested for forty minutes.

Cut it and bring it back to the temperature of 40 °. Let it cool and eliminate the serum that will be formed.

Cut the sliced “schiz” and let it brown on a slow fire, with butter, salt, pepper, a pinch of white flour and a little milk.

Let it simmer and serve with hot polenta.


In the picture the polenta and skiz of the Rifugio “Dal Piaz” of Sovramonte.


(From the newspaper of the Gruppo Alpini di Salce, “Col Maòr” no. 3/2009)



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